Top Tips with Nutritional Therapist & Personal Trainer Jenny Prutton

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Today I asked a special guest to give us some professional advice on nutrition in relation to inflammation! Enjoy these 11 Top Tips from nutritional therapist & personal trainer Jenny! If you'd like to get in contact with Jenny and find out so much more you can contact her on her Instagram page jennypruttonhealthandwellbeing

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To be the best you can be, it is important to be in good nutritional health and that is the case for every human being regardless of their health status. Arthritis can develop due to many different factors but one factor is present and underlies in all disease so that is what I will to focus on. INFLAMMATION and ways in which we can reduce inflammation in the body generally and naturally. 1) Drink lots of filtered water - exact calculation is 0.033 x bodyweight in KG = total amount of water that should consume in a day. NB: Copper is present in our water supply so I really would recommend buying a water filter. Copper can cause greater inflammation in sufferers of RA. 2) Nature's painkillers - Always best soured from consuming the food itself but supplementation is effective as it ensures you get all you need. Omega 3 fish oils - 1000mg EPA & DHA per day is proven to reduce the inflammation and pain in your joints. In addition, turmeric, boswellia (frankincense), ashwagandha, hop extract and ginger all help reduce the over production of leukotrienes that cause pain and inflammation. 3) Nutrition - this is a huge area but in general, eat the rainbow together with a diet rich from minerals from seeds, nuts and root vegetables! Pack as many colourful fruits and vegetables into your diet as possible. I recommend vegetable juicing 3 times a week minimum as this also as it enables you to drink lots of these nutrients, think green but add ginger, turmeric etc.... Antioxidant nutrients help reduce inflammation, so keep eating colourful berries, add some seeds and coconut yogurt and you have a lovely meal. 4) Meditate and practice yoga - so many different options available online to practice in the comfort of your own home too!  5) Avoid processed food, alcohol and stimulants - no nutritional benefits whatsoever and in addition has an inflammatory response in the body. 6) Scrape your tongue - seriously! It removes bacteria you would otherwise swallow and improves overall health.  7) Dry body brush and self massage your skin - this stimulates your lymphatic system and aids detoxification - super important if you are on life long medication. 8) Do not compare yourself to others!  9) Go to bed earlier - it is when our body heals and does its best work. 10) Go outside more - boost your vitamin D levels but also being in nature reduces inflammation build up in your entire body. 11) Keep fit and supple - yoga, walking, and pilates can do no harm. More intense exercise depends on the severity of your condition. 

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