I was diagnosed in June 2013 age 20 after years of chronic fatigue and random pains in my joints. I always thought I just had growing pains or weak ankles as I used to roll them so easily. I was studying for my A-Levels and I was so tired all the time I  could hardly bring myself to stay awake at school and I felt so drained and really nauseous all the time. 2 years later I was still battling with my doctors to take me seriously as I was feeling worse by the day and beginning to get severe pain in the balls of my feet and my left shoulder. I eventually was taken seriously by a doctor who referred me to rheumatology following some inconclusive blood test results. Nearly 7 years on I have tried 3 different biologics with varying success and 2 DMARDs again with mixed results. I've tried multiple diets and so many different supplements but I try to maintain a healthy diet, exercise a few times a week and take my medication to control my arthritis. I am in remission now but still get flares periodically. My pain is still there every day but it is managable. I am able to work full time and live a fairly normal life. It is hard work but it is totally achievable.